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Health, Safety & Environment


Learn how to work safely, implement & manage an effective health & safety program and security procedures with our wide range of Safety Courses.

Our list of programmes includes, but not limited to :

  1. Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)

  2. Chemical Exposure Monitoring.

  3. Noise Exposure Monitoring and Mapping.

  4. Evaluation and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation System (LEV).

  5. Building Construction Safety and Health Consultancy.

  6. Factories and Machinery Act (FMA) Inspection and Audit.

  7. Safety and Health Management System and Training at Workplace.

  8. Safety and Health Management Audit.

  9. OSH Legal requirements training - OSHA 1994, FMA 1967.

  10. Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

  11. Hearing Conservation Program (HCP).

  12. Safety and Health Awareness at Workplace.

  13. Safety and Health Committee Regulations 1997.

  14. Safety In The Use of Chemicals.

  15. Physical Hazard.

  16. Classification, Packaging and Labeling of Chemical.

  17. OHSAS 18001 standards, MS1722 Standards.

  18. Provides Authorised Gas Tester (AGT) service.

  19. Provides service for registration of machinery, factory with Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

  20. Chemical Safety 

  21.  Introduction to CLASS Regulation 2013.

Human Resource & Talent Management

Align your business strategy with your people strategy by ensuring that your HR professionals are trained and informed of the current trends, techniques and issues in the HR fields with our HR & Training Courses.

Our list of programmes includes, but not limited to :

  1. Impactful Training - How to Design and Deliver Engaging Training Activities (Best practices from National Award Recipient)

  2. Branding You - Personal Image

  3. Combating Anger and Stress

  4. Communication with Influence

  5. Paradigm Shift

​Sales, Marketing & Customer Service


Cover every aspect of modern Sales and Marketing Management from detailed strategy planning, value creation, increased sales, to customer relationships with our diverse training courses.

Our list of programmes includes, but not limited to :

  1. Championing Your Mindset and Service Recovery

  2. Communication with Influence

  3. Effective Consulting and Product Presentation

  4. Sales Mindset and Prospecting

  5. Sales Persuasion and Influence

Information Technology

Improve your team’s management capabilities and potential with our wide range of Information Technology Courses.

Our list of programmes includes, but not limited to :

  1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  2. Document Management System

  3. Enterprise Architecture (EA) - From Planning To Implementation

  4. Data Governance

  5. Human Resource Information System - Strategy & Planning

  6. Information Strategic Planning (ISP)

  7. Open Source - Hospital Information System - Development & Implementation

  8. Agile Project Management

  9. e-Learning System - Strategy and Implementation

  10. Data Privacy & Security

  11. Information Security Management

Strategy, Leadership & Change Management

Reinvigorate your strategic thinking, achieve sustainable growth for your organization and embrace the business challenges of the future with our suite of training programmes. Optimize your professional management effectiveness and accelerate your leadership style by attending our diversified courses that feature the latest Strategic, Leadership and Change Management best practices to help you becoming a more effective future leader.

Our list of programmes includes, but not limited to :

  1. Strategy Management in the Public Sector

  2. Strategy Secrets For Corporate Leaders

  3. Business Model Innovation - How To Break The Rules And Change The Game Of Doing Business

  4. The Malaysian Experience in Quality and Strategic Management

  5. Making Strategy Work - The Balanced Scorecard Way!

  6. KPIs: Keeping Score Using the Right Metrics

  7. Applying Lean Thinking in Your Organization

  8. Developing and Implementing a Business Plan

  9. Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

  10. Leadership That Counts